Grouse Hunting

Grouse Season Opens October 1st

Grouse hunting in Allagash is an upland game hunters Paradis.  With the most beautiful fall foliage, why not stay with us while you hunt for the highly sought after ruffed grouse or as the locals call them partridge?   Allagash and the North Maine Woods has exceptional grouse hunting with 30 flush days being common.  Both ruffed grouse and woodcock are abundant and plentiful and the habitat makes it ideal country for both.  Hunters can bring there dogs or hunt by walking or riding the endless miles of old woods roads.

We have clean cabins with fully equipped kitchens, dog friendly accommodations, and tips and pointers for having the most productive days afield.  When your not hunting enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the the St. John River and kick back to relax near a roaring fire to end your day.  These are a few reasons why Allagash Wildlife Sporting Camps is a great choice for your Grouse hunting adventure.

Make your reservations, pack your gear, grab your groceries on the way, and we’ll see you soon!