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The Allagash River is truly one of America’s Great Rivers.  The vast wilderness and natural beauty make this trip a must for anyone who loves the outdoors.  The Allagash Wilderness Waterway has been welcoming paddlers for over 100 years with over 65 miles of remote river.  Well maintained campsites, restrictions on development, and conservative regulations on motorized vehicles has allowed this gem to remain pure.


The Experience

Paddlers can expect to see majestic moose feeding along the river way along with a multitude of other animals.   This trip is a wildlife or nature photographers dream.
Bird watchers will see countless birds including eagles, hawks, waterfowl, and numerous song birds. 
If your interested in tossing a line in, anglers will catch native wild brook trout and below the falls try your luck at landing a mighty muskie.
If history is an interest, the Allagash River is as historic a place as any. Sites to see include the steam locomotives at Big Eagle, old settlements such as Taylor Camps; Cunliff Depot; and Michaud farm, You will also be canoeing a river used for log drives and enjoyed by many famous people.

Why Choose Us?

Allagash Wildlife Sporting Camps has many years experience in the outfitting industry.
We will provide you clean, safe,  and reliable transportation to either drop you off or pick you up.
All of our canoes and gear are brand new which will mean, safe and reliable equipment to keep you and everyone else safe and happy.
We have very reasonable pricing.
It is also very important to us that you enjoy your trip so on our way out we will educate your crew on tips and safety concerns to look out for during the trip.  We will also give insight on some of the history of the area and if fishing tips are what you are seeking, we won’t hold back and we will share our favorite spots.




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